Dressing The
Modern Table

Maui, HI

Dressing The Modern Table

Set is a source for gorgeous culinary inspired rentals. Elegant, never stuffy. Colorful, sparkly, never too much. Layered, curated. Refined. Always refined. Just perfect.

How It Works

A Modern and Playful Table Setting

The setting of your table dramatically impacts the mood of your wedding or event

Maui Glassware

Yellow Table Inspiration

This vintage table setting is accented with cheery shades of yellow and orange

Maui Glassware

Mixing Vintage And Modern

Blue Vintage glasses lend an elegant and vintage touch to this otherwise modern table

Maui Glassware

Hawaii Weddings

As limitless as your imagination.

Inspiration Gallery

The fondest memories are made when we gather around the table.

Build Your Own Inspiration

Let's set your table...

Place settings start at $15 per person, with upgrade options available.
{Place settings include a dinner plate, salad plate, water glass, wine glass and a 5 piece flatware set.}

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